Eugenio Terbes recreated a funny parody of Shakira and Bizarab music video against PQ.

Actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez is one of the most recognized Mexicans in Hollywood, as his talent has allowed him to ascend internationally, meaning that any statement he shares is taken into account by public opinion.

The Mexican has participated in major projects and is one of the most recognized actors worldwide. – Photo: Good pictures

precisely, In view boom It made Shakira’s new musical theme next to Bizzrap Music session #53, Terbus joined the Barranquilla star’s supporting cast. So much so that he decided to recreate a parody of the video with his wife, singer Alessandra Rosalto.

The clip was shared through their social networks, in which the pair pretend to be Shakira and Bizzarab. Alessandra, for her part, sings wearing a black bra with a check shirt to recreate Barranquillaera’s outfit, and Eugenio pretends to be a DJ but is actually eating pizza.

In it, the actor’s wife mentions the children, who begins by naming them one by one, and assures them that, although it took 23 hours to give birth to their common daughter, Aidana, they are all equal to their father, Eugenio Terbes.

“Azilin, Vadir, Jose Eduardo, they are all the same. I wanted something else and I shot the delivery. Just like you, just like you, if you left the auction for twenty-three hours. Your genes make an impact, that’s why they all look like you… Tha Amma…”, the couple’s parody lines.

It should be noted that the actor had already spoken out in support of the Colombian Mail They accompanied him with the message, “#TodasSomosShakira,” which he did with his wife.

Recently, in his style, the Mexican posted a photo on Instagram, but what is interesting is that it turned out to be another parody of the Colombian hit song, which, apparently, was dedicated to his former sentimental partner Gerard Pique. The ex-footballer’s girlfriend is Clara Chia.

The singer aired her music session with Pizzarap, and Clara Sia was the heroine of the memes.
The singer aired her music session with Pizzarap, and Clara Sia was the heroine of the memes. – Photo: Screenshot from Youtube Bizerrap – Europa Press

On the profile of the aforementioned social network of the film and television actor, a photo of Pisarap was published, next to which Shakira replaced it with a montage in which her colleague Consuelo Duval appeared, especially in the role of Federica. , who played the girl in the well-known TV show The Teddy Family.

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“Message from Federica: Be careful, I’m getting tick bites. If you don’t want to be with me next @bizarrap session”, Derpes wrote.

Immediately, his supporters did not hesitate to comment Mail With messages like: “Another season The Teddy Family It will heal us and make us feel better after all we have been through in recent years”; “Imagine Shaggy and Fede together, not one of them alive”; “Obviously…Ludovico needs a coffee with pq…tea because Federica is already doing the billing,” said the Instagram post.

Shakira parody
Eugenio Derbez and his co-star Consuelo Duval joined the trend of Shakira’s new song with this photomontage on their Instagram accounts. – Photo: Instagram: ederbez and consueloduval

However, that is not the only stance the famous Mexican has given on the matter. In the middle of a public place, a Telemundo reporter I was able to start a short chat with the man and he expressed his opinion about the translator Compile.

The first thing the famous actor said is that he loves the Colombian very much. “We don’t talk to each other every day, but I love her very much and we have a very good relationship,” he added.

In addition, in front of the television cameras, Eugenio expressed his opinion about Shakira’s breakup with former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué: “It really hurt me. So, I think it’s worth supporting her.” Sentenced.

But that’s not all, because the man addresses a topic that resonates about Barranquillaera’s possible wrongdoing, “being hurt,” and that’s why his songs.

“Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves, and everyone experiences their grief differently. So, good for her, I support her,” concluded the legendary actor.

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