The woman talks about money and case closed stories

Miami, United States.- Many stories of the show have been known for some years The case was closed Most of the attendees are liars and celebrities Telemundo show They are actors.

In recent days, a woman who attended the show a few days ago revealed the details of the payment to the actors and the stories in it Dr. Ana Maria Polo Gives his verdict as a judge.

The tiktoker milamila2.2 It was revealed that they were hiring ordinary people to follow the script prepared on the same day.

The young woman revealed that she had heard little about her life and that of other guests. They then put the story together and gave it three hours to learn the script.

See here: Dr. Polo’s amazing body transition from “case closed”

He promised Dr. Polo You never know until the stories on the show’s plate are presented to you.

In addition, he admitted that money was being paid between them $ 200 and $ 400 For people living in Miami. Those who come from another city are paid to fly, hotel, dine and attend the event.

Dicktocker agreed that 6 to 8 cases a day are filmed and each is produced by a different producer.

For the people who create General They are paid $ 50 to $ 70 to spend 8 hours settling in while filming each episode.

He admitted that the “evidence” presented in the cases was recorded in or out of the same studio.

Children also get paid, but first they have to have parental approval.

He expressed everything thus:

Milamila 2.2

When was I closed as a plaintiff in the case? ## Cocerado

Sonito Original – Milamila 2.2

Milamila 2.2

The case was closed when I participated ## Cocerado

Conito original – milamila 2.2

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