Alfredo Adam belittles one of his sons for homosexuality, Mary Boss Bangwells admits

Within many Surrounding controversies Alfredo AdamThe actor highlights his rejection of his children, especially Sebastian, the youngest of his descendants with his ex-wife. Mary Boss BangwellsThe 23-year-old responds by publicly declaring himself gay.

About, Mary Boss Bangwells Declared ‘the moment my destiny changed’, and although he expressed his full support for his son, Sebas ’father never took anything for granted that his son was gay.

“He (Alfredo Adam) rejected my son for his homosexuality, of course … I love my son for his man, I do not like his sexual desire, I love man, my son is important to me. I give my whole life for my son,” he said. Former wife of Alfredo Adam.

Feasts He said his three children were proud to be good men, servants and fighters, and that all his efforts paid off when he saw them, and that he “wanted to paint” even though his father did not see it. Line said she was “delighted that her children had won the bitter pill of the horrific relationship their parents had for years with their family, as they had witnessed.”

In fact, in an interview Gustavo Adolfo InfondeThe actress said she lived in the most embarrassing moments when she went on vacation with her children and had not yet parted ways with Adam, when the former politician said he would reach out to them, because even his own children knew that his arrival had brought peace. It will take away from him and end their life.

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Despite that, Mary Boss Bangwells His that tried for years Alfredo married Adam Had to work, but seeing that the relationship was going downhill, one fine day she came down the stairs of her house crying and told her children that she could no longer bear it.

To this end, her children supported her and tried to give her all the encouragement in the world, especially as a result of slander. Mary Paz Banquells was killedAdam painted her as the “bad girl in the story” so that even the actor’s fans would harass her on the street.

The issue that led up Mary Boss Bangwells To change her appearance on several occasions, a woman intercepted her in her car and questioned whether she was Adam’s ex-wife, but he continued to refuse for fear of being physically assaulted.

In an interview with ‘Cell El Sol’ this week, Sebastian Adam Bangwells Promised to be life for a long time Alfredo Adame stopped paying attentionAlthough this does not exempt him from regretting that the actor is known as a conflicted person.

“He’s my dad, I do not want to harm him, I do not want anything to happen to him, but he does not want to cause slander and stop the actions of his decisions. Sebastian Adam Bangwells.

For its part, Mary Boss Bangwells He said in a recent interview that he was very sorry to see Alfredo Adam Lying on the street, what hurts her the most is that her children have to endure this because even though they have not told her anything, she knows that as her father and a good father, at one point, it hurts them and the situation affects them in a way.

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