At the beginning of the card a fighter enters the ring and fools himself


In the first fight on the undercard in which Ryan Garcia and Emmanuel Taco intervened in Alamodom, San Antonio, a boxer fooled himself when he entered the ring.

Ryan Garcia vs.  Emmanuel Taco: A fighter fools himself by entering the ring at the beginning of the card
Ryan Garcia vs. Emmanuel Taco: A fighter fools himself by entering the ring at the beginning of the card

Of course everyone’s eyes will fall on it Ryan Garcia returned to the ring, Confronts Emmanuel Taco. And maybe that’s why so many interesting scenes experienced on the first fight on the billboard Golden Boy Ads and DAZN Presented at Alamodom in San Antonio.

He returned after a long period of inactivity, as he had not fought since March 2020, so he was called to the ring. Tacoperto AgueroWho made the hardest save against the Armenians Assad Hovannisyan. Dominican came out on stage with a pure smile and walked towards the ring to greet the fans. He was about to enter the ring for applause, but failed.

Aguero wanted to jump over the ropes, but his calculations failed and his legs got caught in the string. Fell backwards onto the canvas. When he woke up, his smile was unchanging as if nothing had happened. Unfortunately, by the time the fight started, the scene on the alamotomine screens was repeated, thus embarrassing him with some jokes.

What started out as a black night for the Dominican ended badly. After surviving the first round, he changed his strategy to the second and, for some strange reason, wanted to change the beat, in order to avoid the power shots of Hovannisyan in the first round. That is not business The Armenian sent him to the canvas twice before the arbitrator ruled that it was sufficient punishment for Aguro And decide to stop fighting.

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Marlon Esparsa coordinated world titles

Also part of a billboard starring Ryan Garcia and Emmanuel Taco in Alamodom, San Antonio. Marilyn Esporza She had to work hard to beat Naoko Fujioka, the only world champion in five different weight categories in Japanese boxing history. Despite some shocks, Esparza dominated the action and won by consensus, which allowed him to combine world titles in the flyweight division.

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