Buy Cheap Airports: Offers Available

If you are thinking of buying Apple’s most popular headphones Airports, you should know that its second generation model is currently on sale. We note that they are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple devices, but they also work on Android and Windows devices, so you will not see any limit when using them to listen to music, podcast or enjoy videos.

Why good time to buy them

Aside from the fact that these headphones are understated, it may already be due to insufficient weight, and these headphones continue to line up on the Apple list that day. While the third generation is expected in March, it is finally expected to launch later this year. Considering that the second generation is likely to be non-stop, it is acceptable that they will continue to be headphones with good technology and long lasting capabilities.

Discounts are available for Airbots 2

Note that there are two versions of these airports, although the differences between them are not practical. At the sound quality level they are identical, optimized by the H1 chip, providing 5 hours of uninterrupted playback and integrated standard with functions like “Hey Siri”. When it comes to battery depletion, these headphones are much more advanced than the first generation, lasting significantly longer years.

What is the difference between the versions? Well, Cheap allows you to charge your case only with cable, while others allow you to charge this case on the wireless charging site.

If we take into account that both versions are the same for everything and in both cases it includes the cable in the box, we think it is more interesting to buy the cheaper version, but here’s the interesting thing: the most expensive version on Amazon is the cheapest. So you can get some Airboats 2 with wireless charging case Less than 50 euros Than the official Apple store.

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Guarantees provided with the purchase

Finding such a discount can lead to despair in some cases, but the fact that Apple only displays headphones in its Amazon store guarantees that they are headphones Completely new and original. They offer the opportunity to buy AppleCare + As an extended warranty service, you can keep quality 2 years warranty (First year with Apple and second year with Amazon). What if they do not trust you? You can return them within 30 days until you provide it with the original box and jewelry. Although we sincerely hope you will not regret it.

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