CNE initiates special verification of records due to discrepancies

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Eduardo Fuentes, co-director of the National Electoral Council (CNE), reported this Friday that they have received more than 150 votes so far. Challenges By front-runners of different movements of political parties submitted for by-elections.

The Libertad Y Refundation (Free) Party and the Liberal Party presented the most contradictions. Filling in minutes At every polling station.

CNE reported 17 percent The minutes show some inconsistencies They will decide to give a final announcement before April 13th.

“The electoral process continues to progress, we continue to work, and we continue to receive challenges. So far, more than 150 challenges have been received from candidates of the three political parties in 14 legally registered movements,” he said.

“The movements consider that all these challenges have one drawback and they are resolved within the period established by law, which is 10 days,” he said.

“These minutes will receive a special review from this day on, the process will be made public, where members of the media and civil society will be observers of the process to ensure that the will of the people is respected. In the election,” he said.

The final announcement of the by-elections will take place on April 15, with verification of the minutes contested.

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