‘Harm I saw the lazy player, we waited until he last stood during training’ – Ten

Of path Harm to Eden It contains Chelsea For years it attracted the attention of the big clubs, but there was not a single example to follow when a footballer came into discipline after the final whistle of a game exploded every week.

Many of the player’s former teammates are now Real Madrid They have brought to light the way Belgium is prepared for meetings with the ‘Blues’. Many said he ate trash in the locker room, others said they were asleep, and one admitted to even playing the Mario card on his Nintendo.

This style of discipline can lead to injuries and just team antagonism Danger Held in England, where he was a comrade of the Nigerians John Oby Michael, Recalled the Chelsea footballer, who shared a dressing room with the Belgians for two seasons and agreed on what could tackle him in training.

“When we train, he’s waiting for us to stand up as much as we can. He’s a lazy player I ‘ve never seen, but on Sundays he’s always been the best in the game. He’s incredible.

“Harm has always been one of the most talented players. He had it all: speed, power, skill, technique … he was behind Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But only if he wanted to,”.

Eden Hazard has twice won the UEFA Europa League and Premier League with Chelsea.“He said it to himself: ‘If I wanted to be so good, I could be. Not as good as Messi because he belongs to a different planet, but I think I could be closer. Cristiano Even better. ‘Those were the words that came out of his mouth, but he was not so committed. He did not train well, he is the worst coach I have ever played for, “said the Nigerian.

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Danger He has only played in 14 games this season, none of which he completed in 90 minutes, in fact he didn’t even have 30% of the time on the court. Since he came Real Madrid In 2019, he has played in only 36 of the 87 possible matches.

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