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England surrendered again at the feet of Luis Fernando Diaz Marulanda after an uncompromising debut against Fulham, which left criticism in the press, and a heavy blow that Diaz was not the right replacement for Sadio Mane. Guajiro scored Liverpool’s only goal against Crystal Palace in another draw, where his path began straight away. Against Manchester United, a first defeat in which he did not shine, he later revealed himself with a double in a 9-0 win over Bournemouth, where the accolade reappeared.

Two fantastic headers, but the English press had the first one three minutes into the game. A score of 9/10 that put Luis Diaz back in the spotlight in the local media and around the world. Slowly turning those early criticisms into praise, he is starting to become that successor to the left-back who has been on Sadio Mane’s hands and feet for years.

It’s no coincidence that people are already starting to see Luis Fernando Diaz as the perfect replacement for Sadio Mané. As much as the BBC noted, “Luis Diaz should be like Sadio Mane, who starts wide but always ends up in the box. This will help him convert the Senegalese superstar’s goal again. Diaz has scored three goals in four appearances so far, which is a good return anyway, but could produce more if he attacks the box like he did on Saturday.

After the departure of Sadio Mane, the great unknown arrived at Liverpool. Who holds the number ’10’? However, the numbers remained the same at least with the likes of Mohamed Salah or Luis Diaz expected to get 11 and 23 respectively. But now the English press is asking that the number’s heir should be a farmer.

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According to the BBC, the only way for Luis Diaz to get that number is if the Colombian becomes a little more agitated and starts leading up the pitch, leaving the left wing and having the attitude he had against Bournemouth. An area to define as Sadio Mane did.

The British outlet wrote, “Luis Diaz needs to get into the penalty area regularly, and we’ll see more goals and assists from Liverpool’s Colombian midfielder. In the first three games of the season, Diaz has been guilty of spending too much time on the left flank and playing backwards rather than going towards the opposition’s goal. Indeed, he and Mo Salah was also miles away so couldn’t link up, but at the weekend they both stepped in and tried to attack the area between the full-backs and centre-backs.

Luis Fernando Diaz and Liverpool will be back in action at Anfield for matchday five of the Premier League when they host Newcastle United. Of course, Diaz will be the starter on the left wing. It will be questionable whether he will fall back on the sidelines without coming out of it or, as Bournemouth entered the area.

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