Science.-NASA will attempt to launch the Artemis I mission again on Saturday

Madrid, 31 (European press)

This was communicated by NASA through its Twitter profile, where it indicated that the take-off window for the ship that will travel to the Moon will begin at 2:17 pm (local time, 8:17 pm Spanish time).

The space agency reported that the failure that prevented the launch of Artemis I was related to one of the SLS’s four central stage engines. Specifically, engine No. 3 was unable to reach the appropriate temperature required to take off.

Once the error is resolved, Artemis mission manager Mike Sarafin announces that Artemis I continues to work on platform 39B at the Kennedy Space Center, where it will blast off into space on September 3.

The Artemis I mission aims to be the first step, without a crew, to successive missions with the ultimate goal of returning astronauts to the lunar surface and enabling a long-term human presence for decades to come.

NASA said in an August 5 briefing that the primary goals of Artemis 1 are to demonstrate Orion systems in a spaceflight environment, ensuring a safe return, landing, mist, and recovery prior to the first manned flight aboard Artemis 2.

The mission has a duration of four to six weeks, a journey of 2.1 million kilometers, with several orbits of the Earth and the Moon in its journey.

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