New date for the return of Anshu Bhatti with Parsia

It was November 9th Anshu Pathi underwent an operation to tear the inner meniscus of her left knee, He enjoyed during the engagement Lalika Against Bettis, the controversy a few days ago called for medical intervention. At that time the diagnosis is about four months sick leave, but at that time and after some corrections, It was decided to slow down the recovery process.

Official sources from the context FC Barcelona And player, explain it Evolution is satisfactory but slowHis return, scheduled for late March, is expected to be postponed until April. Even, as Mundo Deportivo announced, the young forward The ball did not enter the touch point, Which may worry Barcelona fans even more.

In the meantime, The club was in no hurry and did not want to take any risk with the young promise of the Barcia company. Anshu Fathi will return to training and face the demands of the match when all guarantees are given so that he can get back on the field so that he can play the regular game satisfactorily so that it does not harm his recovery.

Anshu is optimistic and has already begun to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Especially now that team is entering the decisive phase of the championship. Coming on time for the Champions League dive against Paris Saint-Germain would no doubt have been his choice, but he felt it was utopian. Now, It has to work to protect the Parsia shirt from the beginning of April.

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The case of Ronald Arazzo

Parsia does not want to take risks with Anshu Fathi The thought of what happened to Ronald Arazo frightens the club. Arajo has been sidelined with an injury since last February, has been on a rescue mission and has jumped back on the field in a related match. Lalica against Sevilla on February 27 in Sanchez Bizwan. The defender entered in the 60th minute to replace Gerard Pique, who did not take 15 runs on the court when he asked for a change. The Uruguayan was injured and diagnosed with three weeks of absence. This can’t happen with the club’s jewelry either, it needs to be adequately compliant with its process so that it returns with everything to maintain the same level that everyone is accustomed to.

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