The cross between Rafa Marquez and Puyol about the defender who did not see Barcelona: “When we played together …” – Ten

Carls Puyol Y Rafa Marquez They were the masters and nobles of the defense center of Persia a few years ago. One of the best couples in the history of the club, they won their second Champions League in Paris. Two players who complemented each other wonderfully.

Puyol’s joke after Barcelona’s return against Sevilla

Puyol All heart, struggle, anticipation; Rafa, A rough profile, but technically superior and an excellent long offset. The two former footballers have a wonderful relationship and made it clear during the win Barcelona against Osasuna In El Sadar.

Common For the third game in a row, decided to go out with three centers and two tracks. That plan caused it above all else Greissman It will look like a pattern after a long selection.

But neither உம்திடி நி Length நி Mingusea They have that jug profile. Y Rafa Marquez He asked his followers: ” Barcelona sometimes play with 3 lines, but they need a center back that can break the lines or give a deep pass to Griezmann’s movements. What do you think? ” ‘

The Mexican’s question went viral, and that’s when Puyol entered. “When we played together, I was responsible for delivering those passes deeply (laughs),” the former captain said teasingly.

It must be remembered Barcelona There will be a complex visit to Paris next Wednesday. That Common They will try to go back PSG Will return to the knockout stages of the Champions League.

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