Aislyn Derbus loves an elegant blue dress from home

Actress Aislyn Derbes steals all the sighs from her official account at home in an elegant blue dress. As far as we know, the daughter of comedian Eugenio Terpez distinguished herself by having a natural charm, but above all a bohemian and comfortable style that makes everyone hear more when shown in front of the cameras, usually surrounded by nature.

This time, Islin Derbus Delights us with an elegant and comfortable blue dress By the French brand Dior, Has been a part of its Fall 2021 collection, which, while having a style that combines nature and comfort, shows that luxury can be no less than highlighting style, just like this beautiful copy of the French brand. This dress had a non-cosmetic effect makeup, fully collected with a part in the middle of her hair.

That makes it clear One of the celebrities who wants to show off elegance but joins the list with comfort, Makes it clear that his style is defined as bohemian and chic. As we can see in the blue dress of Aislyn Derbes, her dress is inspired by nature and especially the natural landscapes with shades of blue and green from the countryside.

Throughout his Instagram posts we can see where he wears different simple pieces, but full of elegance and hints of nature, just like his jewelry with geometric shapes and colors completely inspired by nature. Absolutely comfortable and loose clothing.

We know how, soon Daughter of Eugenio Derpes His birthday will be on March 18th, so he interacted with his millions of followers through his Instagram stories, where he will give the first scene of the second season of his podcast “Magic of Confusion” where he has invited many guests to speak in the form of interviews about your life experiences.

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When talking about how he became one of his first guests like Eugenio Derpes The most successful artists in Mexico And with an international project in Hollywood. Despite all the success expressed, it really proves that it took years of effort, unpaid work and above all confidence in their plans.

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Except to prove a better bond with his father Eugenio Terbus, Because in one of his previous releases, Islin Derbus She posed with little dresses that raised the heat and showed off her natural beauty. However, the first great comment comedian commented: “I never educated her like that. It has to come from his mother’s side. “

Other great ideas are “Someone educates them, someone kills himself to pay for education, school, people to do good. How do you get paid? Uploading obscene images”.

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