Biden asks FEMA for support for children arriving alone on the U.S. southern border | Univision Immigration News

The Joe Biden government sought support for the next 90 days from the FEMA Emergency Management Office to shelter and relocate homeless children arriving on the southern border of the United States.

“FEMA is now integrated with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

DHS Secretary Alejandro Myorgas praised Border Patrol for “working in difficult situations to care for children who are temporarily in our care,” but highlighted: “Yes, as I have said on many occasions, border patrol facilities are not a suitable place for children. We work with HS, which is concerned with public health and the health of children. Will be transferred to HHS as soon as possible, In accordance with the legal requirements and the best interests of the children. “

The DHS also noted that “registration numbers” of individuals, including unsupported minorities, were arriving at the southern border.

Last February alone, 9,297 unsupported minors arrived in the United States irregularly Border Patrol latest statistics (CBP in English). This represents a 63% increase compared to the previous month, which complicated the situation on the southern border. Most of them are young, but also younger children.

When the first large spike in the number of children coming to the southern border without parents occurred, the Barack Obama administration also relied on FEMA to deal with the crisis. According to the protocol, minorities must not spend more than 72 hours in border patrol and must be transferred to an HHS shelter.

“Coming to the United States through irregular channels is never safe, which is especially true during an epidemic,” Myorgas said.

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