They demand the detention of former President Martin Viscar

(CNN Espasol) – Attorney German Jures, a member of the Lava Jato Special Committee in Peru, this Friday sought a 18-month remand in custody from former President Martin Viscar, who is being prosecuted on charges of bad association, improper inactive bribery and illegal association. The crime was reported by CNN as evidence close to the case being carried out in the prosecutor’s office.

Now, a judge must review the attorney’s office’s request and decide whether or not to accept the prison request.

In a statement to local media on Saturday morning, Martin Wiscarra said, “In these 3 months since we left the government, nothing has changed in the 4 months of investigation. There is no argument for this detention. ”

The investigation into Wiscarra began after O’Brienza, a construction company investigated as part of what the construction company called the Club, reported to an interested talented collaborator, Jurs, that he had illegally paid money to the president during his tenure as governor of Mokova between 2011 and 2014. In return for awarding a job tender to a construction company in Mogwwa.

Former President Visco’s lawyer Fernando Ugas told CNN that they had not been notified of the prison requirements and that they had been discovered in the press. The security position is one of a complete rejection of the prison requirement. It seems to us that the Attorney General’s Office has left its technical position and become a political actor, ”he assured. Ugas pointed out that the prison order was in response to cases related to alleged illegal payments pointed out by the prosecutor’s office, in the case of Oprinsa and construction company Ixa, to which he said “there is no evidence to support the payment of money to the former president.”

Martin Viscarra. Credit: Ernesto Benavitz / AFP via Getty Images

In many cases, Viscarra has publicly denied receiving any fees.

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Jurassic has been investigating the construction company since 2018, when a team of companies, including Odebrecht, developed a cartel that would, according to tax theory, deliver the works and bribe public officials.

Odebrecht, which is an excellent collaborator on the matter, acknowledges being a part of these companies and has provided information on how the group has operated. A competent collaborator is one who provides information to prosecutors in the presence or absence of being part of a criminal investigation or process and abstaining from criminal activities in exchange for the benefits available from justice.

Martin Wiscarra, Current candidate of the Peruvian Congress, Is the fifth president to be questioned by the Lava Jato Special Committee of the Attorney General’s Office.

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