Tricks to customize WhatsApp –

Send location to contact

WhatsApp allows you to send photos and videos to contacts and share a contact or document, but you can also send your location. For iOS, Here’s the way: Chat> Specific Chat> Tap “+” on the left side of the message box> Location> Share Location> Select Time. For Android: Tap Clip> Chat> Specific Chat> To the right of the message box> Location> Share Location> Select Time. You can find everyone who shares your real-time location by opening Settings> Account> Privacy> Real-Time Location.

How to respond to a specific message

Although you cannot ‘Like’ a message like other social networks, you can respond quickly to a particular message. To respond to a message that appears as a quote in the reply, you can press and hold the message and tap the reply in the drop-down menu.

Star News as Favorites

WhatsApp provides a search feature to easily search for messages, but it is also very interesting for you to bookmark important messages for quick access when needed. This is done as follows: Long press any private message and then tap the star icon in the action bar at the top of the application screen. To view all your starred messages, click Options> Starred Messages on the dialog list screen.

Find out who you chat with the most

Go to Settings> Storage and Data Application and select a contact to see how much you chat. The list is organized according to the person who sends you the most data, so if you have a friend you send a lot of GIFs, but if there are no words, they can beat another friend who sends you text. Either way, this is a strange fact.

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