They deny Mayor Abel Martinez a loan of more than RD$100 million

YesAntiago.- Councilors of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) in this municipality explained today that they refused to approve a RD$106,953,546.83 loan to Mayor Abel Martinez.As the claim does not have a certificate from the internal controller of the city council, Established by Law 176-07 in Articles 92, 15 and there are no specific details of the investment in the works to be implemented.

Of the works to be carried out with this surplus plan, there is no specific detail, as only a general distribution is proposed as follows; Renovation and cleaning of canyons, investment of RD$20,000,000.00, beautification of the surroundings and bridge of Pueblo Nuevo, investment of RD$26,953,546.8.

Likewise, asphalt and recapping, investment RD$30,000,000.00 and concrete streets, RD$30,000,000.00. “It is important to know the investment criteria in our control process,” the councilors pointed out at the press conference, through constituency secretary Frank Medina.

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In the request for a loan of more than RD$100 million, they said that it did not have a certificate from the internal controller of the city council, as established by Law 176-07 in articles 92, 154 on the functions of the municipal controller and article. 339 Paragraph I establishes that this request must be communicated in advance by the municipal controller.

Councilors understand that the mayor’s office must focus on spending because, led by the federal government President Louis Abinader, With big investment works like monorail and cable car, it makes big investments to solve the problem of transportation and mobility.

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Also, the rehabilitation of major public roads and ditches project in the major precincts of our municipality through the Ministry of Public Works.

Also, through themFor the Dominican Municipal League, The government has given Santiago’s mayor’s office RD$59,000,000.00 to invest in sidewalks and containment, but they have no details on how the aforementioned budget will be executed.

They pointed out that there are other priorities in the municipality, for which it is necessary for Mayor Abel Martinez to pay attention to issues that directly affect the population, such as sanitation and lack of sanitation in municipal markets, abandonment of municipal cemeteries. , Irregularities in traffic light system, urban drainage and solid waste collection frequency are the responsibility of municipalities as per section 19 of the Municipal Act.

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