Beat of New Ideas threatens journalists for questioning the party’s mayoral candidate Henry Flores

The subject group shouted “corruption” at the journalist who asked Flores about the two cases against him.

“Out, corrupt journalist, out, corrupt journalist,” about 25 new Ideas fighters shouted in a threatening tone to a journalist from El Diario de Ho, after questioning Santa Tecla mayoral candidate La Libertad for the ruling party, Henry Flores in two cases.

The intimidation of the mob of followers of Nua Ideas, who often wore the uniforms of Santa Tecla’s mayor’s office, caused the journalist to leave the place to avoid some sort of aggression, but “a corrupt journalist, a corrupt journalist.”

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The incident took place within the framework of a petition filed by Florus against Roberto Touboson, the mayor of Santa Tecla, for allegedly violating an order from the Chamber of Administration to re-employ several fired mayor employees. The request was made to the Attorney General’s Office.

Flores condemned him for slander because, according to him, D’Abuyson has dedicated himself to spreading on the networks, a video in which a couple seem to be arguing while intoxicated, but according to the candidate for new ideas, the mayor promises that it will.

However, Florus did not present any evidence to support his complaint against Dowbuson.

There has been no publication on any d’aboyson or arena party network that the mayor has pointed out that it is Flores who appears in the video.

When asked what resulted from the two lawsuits against him for fraud and intimidation, Florus sought to avoid the issue by holding newspapers accountable for those cases.

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“These are rooms where newspapers are dedicated to writing themselves because newspapers also serve the Arena Party, and they serve the FMLN,” Flores said, not wanting to answer other questions about the lawsuits, but stepped back.

In June 2013, he was arrested for allegedly threatening an employee of the National Registration Center.

The case reached the courts, but Florus failed to comply with the measures imposed by the Quinto de Boss Court on the victim. In that case, the settlement failed because Flores failed to comply with the court order.

In October 2019 he was reported to the Attorney General’s Office by another person for fraud.

This is not the first time that those who have come with Florus have threatened the media.

On February 7, YSKL radio journalist Manuel Pacheco denounced harassment and slander by New Ideas candidate Henry Flores and other ruling party militants.

Pacheco said he came to cover up a proselytizing event, but two female members of the News Ideas came to meet him with cameras and cellphones to harass him, with the intention of preventing him from doing his job.

“In Santa Tekla, I came today to cover an event with new ideas… Two young women immediately looked at me, came out to meet me and started taking photos and videos of me. They did not stop photographing me, I felt harassed, ”the journalist said on the occasion.

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