Exchange of shirts that exposed injustice in Argentine women’s football

Photo: via Twitter YamiiRoddriguez

Last Wednesday, February 24, the women’s football teams of the United States and Argentina faced the third match of the Sheffields Cup in North America.

The Americans eventually won 6-0 to become champions. Then the shirt exchange took place. Argentina’s Yamila Rodriguez did this with Megan Robino, recognized as the best footballer in the world, and this fact made a claim towards the Argentine Football Association (AFA).

Throughout the championship, Albiceleste players wore uniforms that only had their number written on them, but not their name.

Yamila shared a photo of herself posing with Robinho and you can clearly see the lack of her name in the pictures. Argentina was also happy at that moment, because in the post he wrote, “Some of my most fulfilled dreams. Thank you, Megan for being like you, I love you, idol.

The American footballer posted a snapshot of his Instagram story, with the help of a photo editor, who sent Yamila’s last name and sent a message to the AFA, “Okay. But we’re really going to fix that AFA.”

In addition, she shared a chart that reflects the support between the two players, and Yamila Rodriguez shared it on Twitter.

Women’s football in Argentina is still struggling with the AFA for better conditions and contracts because it is far from getting male players.

For this reason, in 2017 many players demanded that the association pay them a fee for coaching. In 2018, before the launch of Copa America, AFA used a model to replace the selected one, to deliver the new uniform shirt.

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The media won’t help either, because in late January, journalist Horacio Bagani said on a TV show, “Women’s football is no more, can you imagine what it was before?”

But this is not the only sport that strikes women, he commented in 2019, “It seems to me that women’s boxing is unnatural. It will require adaptation. I have the freedom to say it because I belong to a different era. I do not like the friction between physical sports women.”

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