Bad Bunny is now co-owner of the Santores Congregation

San Juan. Puerto Rican artist Pat Bunny has been linked with Puerto Rico’s National Superior Basketball (BSN) Sanders Congreros, the club’s management said on Monday.

Thus, Benito Antonio Martinez, the first name of the famous urban translator, joins Noah Assad, his art manager and Jonathan Miranda as representatives of the team founded in San Juan.

“The commitment and main purpose of this initiative is to help foster positive change on the island. The goal is to start a better future through sports, music and the arts,” the club said in a statement.

The team’s board of directors emphasized that its main objective in the league was “to promote ideas and dreams in Puerto Rican youth, which would inspire real and real social change.”

“Los Congrezos is a great team, with new talents and a changed image, which brings a modern twist, reinforcing the culture of Sandores, using elements such as streets and surroundings to reinforce that sense of identity and the pride of the hometown,” he pointed out.

The group also said it would deliver another “excellent message” at 3:00 p.m.

Bad Bunny is a well-known fan of the game, especially basketball and wrestling.

In basketball, the artist has participated in two popular games organized by the NBA before the All-Star Games.

Meanwhile, in wrestling, the urban translator made his debut as a wrestler on April 11, 2021, which is one of the highlights of this sport from the American wrestling company World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

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Bad Bunny teamed up with fellow Puerto Rican Damian priest to remove wrestlers The Miss and John Morrison.

Earlier, The Miss was confronted by Bad Bunny, who challenged the Puerto Rican translator to “MIZ TV” in his speech, which was included on the Monday Night Raw TV show.

In addition, last January 31st, he fulfilled one of his dreams, he took part in the famous wrestling event “Royal Rumble”, and from WWE.

Bad Bunny’s participation is especially illustrated by the song “Booker T”, the name of the former American wrestler and included on his most recent album, “El Altimo Tour del Mundo”.

Assad, for his part, is the co-founder and CEO of Rimos Music Entertainment, a repertoire representing renowned Puerto Rican artists such as urban artists Bad Bunny, Arkhangelsk and Eladio Carian and singer-songwriter Tommy Torres.

Los Congreros de Santours is one of the most traditional owners on the BSN, having won eight championships in its history.

Its last season was made in 2016 before disappearing as a franchise.

The 2021 season begins on July 8th.

With the exception of Congreros, the Athenians of Manata will return to BSN in 2016 and 2017 after two seasons.

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