Andina & Tapia decorate a space in Gancedo

The Gancedo flagship at Velázquez 38 is a living and changing space in which there are always surprises to discover. Because regardless of the fabrics, wallpapers, carpets, or curtains that we can see in your showroom, in Gancedo they always have a space dedicated to art, design and creativity.

The last proposal that we can see in this textile firm is the space decorated by Andina & Tapia. A space that stands out for the use of color and the elegant serenity that Mónica Andina and Fernando Tapia have managed to capture.

The project designed for Gancedo reflects the work philosophy of this duo of interior designers, with a design that presents a fresh, cozy and colorful atmosphere, that invites you to enjoy every detail and each of the pieces that make up this multipurpose space that could double as a hall, or as a dining room.


In it, classic elements and proportions are mixed with riskier brushstrokes. Undoubtedly, the most striking textile element, due to its geometric design, the strength of its colors, and because it serves to frame the space, is the drapery created from Long Trellis fabric, belonging to the Fronda de Gancedo collection.


To give a more natural air to the space, the interior designers They have used a sisal from Gancedo as a carpet. Along with the fabric of the curtains that surround and arm the space, the other great element of this space is this beautiful sculpture table designed by Andina & Tapia, in collaboration with the artist Iván Cantos. The base of this table has been made with pine logs recovered from trees fallen by the storm Filomena. And the envelope is made of sustainable microcement.

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Sculpture table

The set also highlights the reinterpretation of the fabric with great art, surprising the use of textiles on sculptures designed by Andina & Tapia for which they have been used. linen fabrics from the Tramuntana collection, and in which the decorative elements play a main role: such as the sculpture, the work of Iván Cantos, on the table or the limited edition carpet following Picasso drawings edited in 1996, which becomes the visual center of the space.


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