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She is a beautiful woman wherever you look. Beautiful, charismatic and empowering, actress and However, like any man he has a weakness: he does not like a part of his body.

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A few days ago, Puerto Rican admitted that when he wrote an Instagram story, he noticed something that caught his attention and it did not come to the attention of his followers. In the video, he can be seen receiving reduction therapy as part of a process to lose weight and lead a healthier life, but there were some flashes that caught attention.

At one point in the video the actress was surprised because she was able to notice that the roots of her hair were gray and occasionally wrinkled on her face.

What do you dislike about your Adam Lopez body?

As a result of the video, he looks gray hair, true to his style and with complete honesty, Puerto Rican, decided to show what to do to hide from time to time. Approximately, at age 50, he recognizes that every time he wants more and less. He says they are a “pain”.

“These glowing lights don’t let me live because they want to go out more often than I want to go out”, The video begins with his stylist.

It’s all about gray hair, or when its style defines it, the glow of light. “They drive me crazy”He expressed a sense of humor. “I don’t know about you, but they bother me a lot ”, She continued to enjoy themselves as they closed them.

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“He strikes as bright as a light”She said with a laugh to her trusted hairdresser. “I’m looking for solutions and ideas to see if I can change the look, a little color or brightness later”“Hoy” explained the morning host.

Alana’s mother promises to deliver surprises. “It’s time to make a change,” he concluded. Accept ideas from your followers!

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