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he flow No Him “The effective solution” Which studies tend to have us believe, as evidenced by Hollywood strikes which we witnessed. However, for mid-budget films, platforms like Netflix and HBO Max are suitable A very convenient option.

in front of Blockbuster movies That dominates the box office and platforms flow Providing an opportunity for films that can It goes unnoticed. he B- Cinema actually It does not depend on success to surviveAs the case shows ’65: On the verge of extinction’a film that has resurfaced thanks to Netflix in the United States It is now available to watch in Mexico thanks to HBO Max.

You can see the scene here:

Surviving dinosaurs in prehistoric worlds: what’s up?

last spin off From the movie “Jurassic Park”, which takes place in the future? Or maybe a role Adam Driver In “Star Wars”, Kylo Ren traveled to the Cretaceous period? The reality is much better: it’s the sci-fi movie “65: Edge of Extinction”, a story Epic and completely original.

In the distant past, 65 million years agoThe film tells the adventure of a spaceship pilot named Millsinterpreted by Adam Driverwho realizes that he and a girl, Koainterpreted by Ariana GreenblattThey are the only ones who survived a plane crash on an unknown planet. The two are involved in a Battle against dinosaurs and other prehistoric monsters As they seek to return home.

“65: On the Edge of Extinction” premiered on March 9, 2023, and is based on a story he wrote and directed. Scott Beck And Brian Woodswho were also the screenwriters of the 2018 hit horror film, ‘A quiet place’ Or, as it’s known in Mexico, “A Quiet Place,” it’s a film that already has a history spin off In production. The film also features participation Sam Al-Raimi And Deborah Liebling As producers.

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A project that failed despite having a famous crew

“65: The Edge of Extinction” lends itself to comparison with films from the late 1980s and early 1990s like “Jurassic Park” or “65: The Edge of Extinction.” ‘predator’. Beck and Woods also borrow from Alien, Ridley Scottto create the most moments scary From the movie. The dinosaurs look amazing, and the body horror scenes remind us that we are watching a movie about dinosaurs, yes. But in the endAliens.

but, The project was not successful at the box office, It seems. Your argument “Simple and silly” It got lost in the deluge of films based on the intellectual property being released before and after.

It helps if the protagonist takes aspects seriously. The most ridiculous thing in this movie. His script doesn’t deal much with how or why: it prefers to throw the audience into a world where… Dinosaurs still reign And put your champion driver to the test.

Sometimes you can play against From ’65: On the Verge of Extinction’. I told her a little “Limited” In content, it turns into Cliches And amazing creature designs to get us into the action. But if we relax with all these details for a while, it’s a movie Very entertainingWhich deserves a chance on HBO Max.

Of course, “65: On the Verge of Extinction” would have been a huge success had it been produced A few decades ago. you will Criticized for being a copycatEspecially if we compare it to others Strange thrillersBut it’s clear that Peck and Woods are paying tribute to the movies they loved as kids, and they’re doing so subtly. amazing.

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The film has found its second chance Netflix USA And HBO Max in Mexico For one thing: it may not be the most forgettable film of the year, but it certainly is Hazar. And with 90 minutes longThere are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

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