Lyon won’t have a new stadium any time soon


The club added that a new stadium will be built in the future on the foundations of the current Lyon stadium.

In an official statement, the Club Lyon It announced that it would no longer go ahead with the plan to build a new stadium for the team on land acquired from the state government.

In December 2021 the officials of the state of Guanajuato and the same group announced plans to build a new home for the green bellies to play at home and move out of the old Nou Camp.

However, the rumor was confirmed in the middle of the year. The team will no longer change grounds and the Nou Camp site will eventually receive new property.

“We have agreed to terminate the purchase and sale agreement with the state of Guanajuato, complying with all payments established to date. Ownership of the land will revert to the state,” the statement said.

“We renounced the capital gains generated at that time. We were never interested in speculating on this property whose sole and ultimate purpose was to construct a stadium,” the letter warns.

It is explained that the money made in that contract was used as a down payment on the support contract awarded to purchase the current stadium.

“In this way all the obligations contracted between the State and Club Lyon have been settled.”

He elaborates, “We will focus our resources on the future construction of a new stadium on the historic foundation of our beloved. Lyon Stadium will be the basis and soul of this project”.

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In this way, the chapter that started two years ago ends Club Lyon Albiverte said the team and fans will have a new stadium.

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