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The University of Magdalena is implementing the tenth week of Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship – UNIMAGDALENA creates science and the art of innovation, a space that brings together academics with great experience, students, children and youth passionate about research and science.

For three days, the alma mater showcases all that has been achieved in research, innovation, artistic creation and innovative entrepreneurship, something that has been developed over the years and solidified. This was confirmed by Dr. Jorge Elías Caro, Vice President for Research.

The director said: “As a university, it was born for us to make progress in society and the territory to influence societies, and this is an open scientific space to integrate the population with advances in science and research.”

The Office of the Vice Rector for Research and the Department of Knowledge Transfer and Intellectual Property carry out activities within the framework of the four strategic areas of science, technology and innovation of the university: environment and sustainability. education, culture and society; Comprehensive health, quality of life and competitiveness.

During the first day, the sixth session of the President of the Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences with Inge Ambershct was held, and the Cielo Bot Competition organized by the Unimagdalena Robotics Club was held, in which the students launched the rockets produced by themselves in the electronic engineering program.

“These are spaces where what we do every day emerges,” said Dr. John Taborda Giraldo, Professor of the Electronic Engineering Program.

For his part, Frank David Nunez, a tenth-grade student in the Electronic Engineering program, stated that this event is an opportunity to observe the physical world and the wonders of science.”

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There was also a museum exhibition “Ants in the Pearl of the Caribbean”, the launch of the documentary by Cayetano Torres Ancestor Thought and Philosophy, and a workshop on pedagogy and dissemination. In addition, the “Unimagdalena Creates Entrepreneurs” discussion was highlighted, highlighting the work of five distinguished university graduates in the field of business creation.

Through UNIMAGDALENA CREA, Alma Mater SOWS research, innovation, creativity and challenges in each of the strategic areas contemplating the 2020-2030 development plan UNIMAGDALENA committed.

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