Christian Nodal gives Cassou a fancy ring, but the meaning confuses everyone

Christian Nodal and successful engineer cazzuThey have become one of the favorite couples in the entertainment world and the regional Mexican artist continues to be close to his partner despite recent controversies. The Interpreter of “bottle bottle”. He continued to show his taste in jewels and diamonds, and as a sign of the love he felt for his new partner, Christian Nodal He recently gave Kazoo a fancy ring.

In a recent post on Cazzucelli’s official Instagram, the singer can be seen sharing a romantic moment with Nodal, surprising fans of the pair with a fancy diamond ring in the shape of a spider, though Cazzu is wearing the jewel. The right hand, not on the ring finger of the left hand, led various media outlets to speculate that it might be an engagement.

What does this ring represent between the singing couple?

As expected, thousands of comments came to light around the beautiful gift the Mexican singer gave to his new partner, because it is known that he is always very detailed with his partners, allowing him to see it again and again when he was a lover. Belinda, a musician, was his partner before birth Argentina.

A controversial relationship with a Mexican regional singer Belinda It was a highly publicized affair earlier this year, with their break-up due to alleged financial issues causing some controversy, but the highlight of the split was undoubtedly the engagement ring issue.

Now the ring you gave me cazzu It is precisely related to a kind of romantic promise between two celebrities, however, the true meaning has now come to light, and it is a ring with spider-shaped diamonds, which represents recent musical works. “Trap Babe”This gift is nothing more than a sign of congratulations and motivation for the engineer to continue progressing and reaping the fruits of his musical career, and that is why Julieta Casucelli Wear it on your little finger, not on your ring finger like you would on an engagement.

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