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Once again we have a new visual challenge for you, which will help you put into practice all your mental skills and concentration, as we did the previous time. with a strange optical illusion of a girl that only a few could stir. You should try it to warm up, because today’s challenge will only be for the most curious.

This time we have an illustration of the toy manufacturer FOR ME. This beautiful image takes us to a fantasy universe, where we see a bunch of Rizmos made into little balls that travel towards the Earth at a great speed.

However, something that connoisseurs of toys know well is that they usually emit sounds and music, so today we must look for a musical note in the image. Can you do it? You have 15 seconds to find it and prove that you are a genius for visual challenges.

Find the musical note in the image

If you don’t see the full image, you can click here. The most skilled have already found it. However, some others will need a little hint: the note we are looking for is an octave, that is, a note with a bracket and it is yellow. Find it in 10 more seconds! You can go down to see the solution.


The Today’s visual challenge certainly required arduous observation and a bit of musical knowledge.. We inform you that the note we were looking for was scrambled among the stars on the right side of the image and is yellow.

To see the answer graphically, click on this link. Have you really seen it?

That’s it for today but We leave you some more visual challenges so you can keep practicing, we are sure you will love them. Challenge your friends and make this experience of healthy fun much more enriching.


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