Miss Universe Andrea Misa’s new boyfriend may be a Telemundo reporter

Mexican talks about his new relationship with a DickTalk creator and a Telemundo reporter | Credit: Respect

Photo: TRACY NGYUEN / IMG Universe / Respect

Andrea Mesa The crown won Miss Universe 2021 And the curiosity to know more about the life of the beauty queen increased exponentially. After his coronation, Mesa’s love life became a matter of controversy. After some photos appeared showing Andrea dressed for the wedding, many thought the now-famous man was married.

However, the rumors were stopped after it was confirmed that they were photos for the advertising campaign. As a model, Andrea wore a wedding dress for a campaign, not a royal wedding.

That is the truth Andrea Mesa will be invited by a new heartthrob Ryan Anthony Popular in Dictok in recent months. Ryan went viral on the digital platform when he started sharing Spanish language learning videos. The Florida resident uploaded videos where he allowed followers to see how he was progressing in his Spanish classes.

According to him, one of his favorite shows is “Caso Cerato” and he puts himself in front of the television during a show in Telemundo to learn Spanish quickly. After the coincidence of the epidemic, Ryan began uploading videos frequently seeking the attention of the Hispanic network.

He had a good day and the “My Gaza Con Telemundo” project invited him to appear. The producers found it fun, and continued to invite him as a reporter for the show and made funny videos about soap operas like “Intimate Enemy 2”.

Telemundo has cast him in other coverage, as well as in the premiere of Telenovela’s “La Surte de Loli” and the recent broadcast of Miss Universe.

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Ryan Anthony was the reporter for the Telemundo evening show, Who was the exclusive channel of the competition in Spanish.

When Andrea Mesa went to the show “My Casa Con Telemundo”, the question about Ryan did not diminish, indicating that the beauty queen will be exposed to love.

“We’ve been talking for a while now, we’ve been able to meet face to face, we’ve been dating,” Miss Universe 2021 admitted.

Ryan shared a photo with Mesa after his coronation, teasing that he would like to wear the crown for the next photo.

“Sometimes the only reason you talk to me is hahaha I like this photo,” Mesa responded to the release.

Carlos Adien, editor of “My Gaza”, contributed, “I Zero, What is Love?”

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