Attendance at pastoral services was compulsory

Pastor Rosie Guzman Sanchez, who is charged in the coral case, conducted evangelistic services on the Presidential Security Forces Esplanade every Monday, but a police officer or police officer who refused to attend was sentenced to 10 days in prison.

It was an order issued by Maj. Gen. Adan Koserus that, according to the testimonies of members of the Corps of Military Assistants, even persons who did not attend religious services were converted.

The event, which took place every Monday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and sometimes from 2:00 pm, was attended by nearly a thousand people on duty and free of charge.

“If I had been free that Monday, I would have been forced to attend the service because there was a list they passed, and the one who did not respond to his name was a prisoner. They summoned us to the administrative office to apply for approval,” a policeman demanded, booking his name.

These services were organized by the bishop’s family, who sang, preached, and had their marching band.

“I don’t remember a psalm. I do not remember a verse read there because they did not mention it. They talked about anything other than God. They are empty cults. God was never realized in that place. It was under McKenzie and no one could move from his chair, ”said one guard.

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