Video: This is the harassment and capture of ‘Los Dictokers 2.0’ band members

Tegucigalpa, Honduras .- The National 911 Emergency Organization This Thursday released the video that saw the harassment and Capture of the band known as “Los DickTockers 2.0” In the city of San Pedro Sula in northern Honduras.

While they were enjoying the game between Honduras and the United States on September 9, 2021, Fesitron was accused of assaulting several customers of a dining room in the neighborhood. San Pedro Sula Olympic Stadium.

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After the crime, 911 cameras recorded the route of the vehicle used during the crime.

In the broadcast images, the truck can be seen leaving the area at full speed and traveling near Riviera Hernandez and Satellite, on the east boulevard of the industrial city.

Immediately, a national police patrol car overturned and seized four subjects involved in the armed robbery.

Those arrested are responding by name Alan Platimir Magia Aguirre (39), Caesar Jonathan Portillo Herrera (21), Carlos David Batista Lopez (21) and Macaulay Evan Maldonado Boss (20).

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Citizens were driving on white Ford Explorer pickup, HBI 3189 plates seized during the capture operation. They seized three revolver type weapons and seven cell phones.

The four captured are part of a gang running down the sidewalk from Santa Porbara to San Pedro Sula, where they are dedicated to attacking product delivery cars in various western areas. Prisoners are identified “Dictocross”According to investigations, they are recording videos on the Dictoc network to mock the actions taken during the attack and the victims.

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