They condemn the “looting” of the offices of the PREPA withdrawal system

Johnny Rodriguez Artis, president of the Retired Parents Association (AGE) of the Electricity Authority, today denounced what he classified as vandalism and destruction of documents, accusing Priba executives and Luma energy officials of building the power system. Electricity Authority (SRAEE).

“As a thief at night, they took advantage of the weekend when staff were out of offices to destroy equipment and documents, as well as more than $ 618 million in debt, key document authority on missing persons and even recently resigned staff,” Rodriguez told Artis succinctly.

Rodriguez also criticized Luma Energy staff for “failing” to restore power to more than 100,000 subscribers who had problems with the system this weekend.

Thanks to the staff who recorded the videos and took the photos, “We were aware of the looting at the SRAEE Accounting and Budget Office, in an attempt to make the retirees lose important documents, as well as the president of the Priba Retired Parents Association insisted. Incentives for employees who have recently resigned and resigned ”.

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Rodriguez Ortiz promised that “this disorder has created more difficulties when processing retirees’ pay for June and the numerous pension applications received in recent weeks.”

Following the scuffle, Administrator Maria Hernandez, on the instructions of the SRAEE Board of Trustees, contacted Puerto Rico police, who were collecting fingerprints, information and recording videos as part of the investigation. “In a criminal act, they were forced to enter the organization’s vault containing important information about active and retired employees, such as birth certificates and social security numbers,” the Ajay leader said.

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Through this action, they tried to hide our information because some employees did not have a “backup” of their computer data. Similarly, we do not know the amount of documents they cut off in an attempt to eliminate the evidence of PREPA’s millionaire loan with our pension system, but we assure you that it will not be easy. ”

Rodriguez Artis, according to recent events, makes it clear that Governor Point Pierre Louis is an “ally of the Luma” and is behind this whole strategy of throwing stones and covering his hand because last week he made a public commitment in a press conference to respond to PREPA’s millionaire debt with our pension system, but In the end, they destroy everything in their path. “

He confirmed that their commitment is very clear as the Juan Ruiz Welles building, where the facilities of our pension system are located, is named after Luma. “They acted behind the chairman of the SRAEE Board of Trustees and its members. They do not respect anyone, they want to destroy everything in their path, they are destroying and stumbling to impose themselves illegally and behind the backs of the people,” he said.

It concluded that “no employee of PREPA, LUMA or a private subcontractor shall be above the law and shall not be liable for this offense.” Similarly, the governor is not exempt, or the senior management of both companies because the employees do not send themselves alone. Someone must have supervised and gone with them throughout this robbery process. We hope the Puerto Rico Police, Justice Department and the courts will clarify what happened. “

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