Hundreds of deaths and terrible conditions every day

It is the most dangerous prison in the world: hundreds of deaths and appalling conditions every day

Many who engage in crime are imprisoned. Depending on the severity, they can hold more or less time, as well as whether they can go to some of the world's toughest and largest prisons. Karatama in Africa is considered the most dangerous prison in the world, with appalling practices and a terrifying place for anyone who ends up there. There are even thousands of deaths every day that go unpunished.

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The prison, located in Rwanda, was designed and built for about four hundred inmates, but today the center houses more than 7,000 inmates. Organizations such as Doctors Without Borders or the Red Cross have in many cases condemned the conditions experienced by prisoners, as hundreds or thousands of deaths occur every day.

As each prisoner has less than 0.5 m² of space, too many prisoners in very limited space creates an overcrowded environment. This factor is one of the triggers for high mortality due to diseases, suffocation and malnutrition.

Kiratama Jail, World's Most Dangerous Jail: These are the conditions in this horrible place

A prisoner who enters is a prisoner who does not leave, because all the conditions and procedures make it very difficult for him to leave alive. According to figures from human rights organizations, the maximum could be eight months.

Once a week, they bring food to the prison, which is not always enough for everyone. Each inmate only eats one meal a day, which leads to conflicts between inmates to get some food. Likewise, sometimes the food of each dying person is cut off, which increases the tension between them in order to overeat. On the other hand, there are only twenty bathrooms for all the inmates.

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