The first laptop without a screen is already a fact and will cost a million

The relationship between innovation and technology Keep moving forward in leaps and boundsAlways with the aim of improving the quality of life.

Over time, the field has devoted its efforts to creating tools that not only make daily tasks easier, but also change the way we interact with our environment.

In this evolution, some devices have managed to stand out remarkably, integrating deeply into our daily routine. A clear example of this evolution ComputerIt has evolved from a stationary machine to a portable device that can be carried anywhere.

In this framework of constant technological evolution, arises Visible, a company that aims to take portability to the next level by integrating spatial computing into its devices. Its latest discovery, the Spacestop G1It seeks to combine the use of a laptop with the advanced technology of Augmented Reality.

This is how a computer works without a screen

Sightful, a company specializing in augmented reality hardware and software, recently launched the SpaceStop G1. This device has attracted public attention due to its innovative design.

Instead of a physical screen, The SpaceStop G1 uses augmented reality glasses that project a 100-inch virtual screen.. The display can be used as one wide monitor or divided into multiple workspaces, providing a comprehensive and versatile viewing experience.

According to the company's explanations, this technology not only revolutionizes the way of working by providing greater visual capacity, but also provides a more immersive user experience. Besides, One of the significant advantages is the privacy it provides, which prevents others from seeing what the user is doing. Thanks to its practical design, it allows you to work effectively in small spaces.

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Function and features of Spacetop G1

The operation of the Spacetop G1 is simple. The laptop connects to the augmented reality glasses via a USB cable. These glasses project a computer interface, allowing the user to interact and navigate using physical devices such as keyboards and touchpads. Additionally, the system supports the use of voice commands and gestures for more intuitive and fluid communication.

The company said that its system Compatible with various popular apps and services like Gmail, Google Calendar, ChatGPT, WhatsApp etc, among others. This extensive application support makes it easy for users to seamlessly integrate SpaceStop G1 into their daily routines.

For now, the SpaceStop G1 is available exclusively in the US and is priced at approximately $1,900, which is roughly 7,483,000 Colombian pesos.

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