Here are the reasons why you should stop using Google Photos if you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac


11 May 2021 09:29 GMT

The multinational company recently released its privacy labels for all its applications on the Apple App Store, which represent the large amount of data that can be collected.

It suggests that iPhone, iPad or Mac users should stop using Google Photos on their devices, following the recent blockade of US multinational Google’s data collection and a major Apple privacy move. Forbes.

The magazine reminds us that at present this application has some storage Four billion photos and videos For more than 1 billion users, for its better search, Apple prefers its alternative iCloud because it has more functionality and is cheaper

Recently, Google has introduced privacy labels for its best uses, including photos, in the Apple App Store. Also, like Gmail, Chrome and Maps, that app is “completely different from its Apple number” because of the amount of data it can collect.

whats going on?

The multinational company “Privacy labels of applications will show all data that can be collected, however the actual data collected depends on the specific functions a person decides to use.”

In this sense, it refers to it They will collect information Communication If users want to share their photos and videos with others. They will do the same if you decide to buy a photo album, in which case they will save your payment information and purchase history.

Forbes insists that Google makes most of its money by selling access to user data by displaying ads. And they are customized, so it’s more likely to react, so Google can charge more to show such ads to its customers.

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“Follow the Money”

Google Photos is constantly updating itself with artificial intelligence that will amaze millions of users

“You may ask yourself if it’s a coincidence that Google and Facebook have privacy labels that do not match Apple, which is the result of how those apps work, and you can ‘follow the money’,” the Middle American continues.

In addition, he argues that companies like Google and Facebook get their revenue Digital advertisingApple does this by selling the ecosystem of devices and services. “The accounts are not complicated here,” he adds.

Finally, it means that Google Photos analyzes photos to allow categorization, maps and search, and to run customized ads. At the same time, it accesses all the photos of the users and collects their relevant information including the exact time and place they were taken.

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