Surprise: Gianluigi Buffon comes forward and says his final goodbye to Juventus Cristiano – Dice

Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon On Tuesday he announced his “definite” departure Turin Juventus At the end of the season, but he is 43 years old and still open to new adventures depending on plans.

“My future is clear: at the end of the season I will definitely leave Zoo, and then I will see if I leave it or continue to encourage myself if I find a solution,” he said. BEIN GAME.

Famous Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, Playing his last dream as a football player Qatar-2022 World Cup, Has the record of games played Italy choice (176) and in Series A (656).

“I gave everything to Juventus, he gave me everything, we have reached the end of a cycle, I think it is fair to end the rebellion” about his intentions, according to reports collected by the Italian media “ten-time champion” Gigi Buffon “” Pianconeri “.

The 43-year-old Buffon has also not confirmed his retirement, so he will continue to ask for offers to play football for at least two more seasons in the world football elite.

– Gigi Buffon Soap Cristiano Ronaldo –

Meta, in ‘Pain’, puts his face to The Juventus It was run by his former partner Andrea Birlow. “We have no continuity. In games against the 5-6 best teams in Serie A, we often win, but lose some silly points. This team needs to mature and grow in terms of character.”

He also defended Cristiano Ronaldo: “I have a great relationship with him and I like him very much. Like every year he has scored a ‘pie’ goals. The problem is, you stand alone when the team achieves important things, otherwise you resents too”.

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