Andre throws a dart at WWE: Latin videos not taken seriously

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Android “The Idol” Place the finger on the sore when referring again He left WWE, They will release him after he reaches an agreement with them and he can start his wrestling career again in another company. United States.

Well now Gladiator was born Gomez Palacio, துரங்கோ, Threw a dart WWE, Because it was a serious company and he considered it compliant with contracts, on the other hand it did not take Latin fighters seriously.

Everything is fine outside the ring and of course you have your check. But I think Latinos are not taken into account much, which is a shame. I got the chance because of the fights I had with Ray Mysterio and I was struggling above the ring. I had no idea what was going on, which is why I decided to quit because Latinos were not taken seriously“, Said the militant in an interview with Universal, although he did not rule out returning to fight at some point. WWE.

“I’m 31 years old and I do not want to sit and spend three or four, cash my check, but I have no chance. I think I can come back with a better deal in the future, But now I can go to the company that wants to set my terms, ”he said.

This prompts him to fight back in Mexico

Android When he is released he is motivated by what might come in his life, where he exemplifies the opportunity to face the best talents in our country.

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“I feel new and exciting, with new challenges. I’m glad to go to a championship in the Ring of Honor (ROH), the CMLL Heavyweight Championship or the Triple A Mega Championship. Face fighters like Blue Demon Jr. and El Hijo del Santo against the likes of Psycho and Karastico. Going upside down with the Blue Panther has always been my dream and I want to fight back with Atlantis, he’s a great man and a fighter, “he concluded.

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