They find a fireball flying at 72,000 km per hour in central Spain

Houlva, Spain

Inventors of Smart project, Institute Astronomy of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC), from astronomical laboratories Seville, La Hita (Toledo), Collar alto (Almeria), The Chakra (Granada) And Madrid, A fireball passing through central Spain has recorded a speed of 72,000 km / h.

According to the analysis of the primary investigator Smart plan, Jose Maria Madito of the Institute AstronomyPhysics From Andalusia (IAA-CSIC), Fireball was recorded yesterday, April 1 at 11:05 p.m.

The phenomenon occurred when a rock in the western part of the province entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 97,000 kilometers per hour. Toledo.

Due to this high velocity, the abrupt friction of the air created a glowing, bright fireball at an altitude of about 92 km, which could be seen from more than 500 km away due to its large luminosity.

The fireball advanced in a northwesterly direction and was extinguished when it was about 43 kilometers above the city of Toledo Orobosa, After traveling a total distance of 64 kilometers in the atmosphere.

Project Inventors Clever Act within the framework of Red From BOhAccording to And Meteors Of Southwestern Europe (SWEMN), It aims to constantly monitor the sky to record and study the impact of rocks against the Earth’s atmosphere from various objects in the solar system.

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