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Pokemon Company has introduced different types of styles in the history of Pokemon over the years Pokmon competition Even photo games like the latest games New Pokemon Snap. Well, in this aspect they have chosen to pursue innovations based on the game Pokemon Unite Last year, first Moba Of the colleague.

This topic was created Timmy It has caused a stir since the minute of its premiere Nintendo Switch, Rising like Is popular on Twitter Oh The twist amazes the audience. Is such success due to the excitement of a new Pokemon game or is it really good? This is the question we are trying to solve in this analysis.

Free and highly addictive, perfect combination

Pokemon Unite Completely free, Like most of the MOBA games, it’s not the only thing that looks like it includes Micro TransAsions Getting gems, it is used to get many things in the game Features Our Pokemon or even Clothing, Fortunately though, it is Does not give real benefit During online games, so You can enjoy this game a lot without spending a single euro (Although the battle pass This is so sexy).

Game of the Pokemon Unit The biggest addiction And it’s innovative when it comes to the MOBA category. 10 minute games are aimed at getting points on the tournament platforms, and in the end, the team with the most points will be the winner; It’s easy, but they’ve implemented it better, which makes games Entertaining, frantic and dynamic.

In addition, more emphasis is attached things, Which will provide Benefits to PokemonThis means that we can customize our choice with the ones we like the most Improve them a little bitThus maximizing the effect of its benefits. All of this allows us to create Own strategy Using the same Pokemon it was completely different from someone else.

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One for us too The way of competition Divided into rangos, And these limitations Lessons. Every time we win a game we get one point and every three points we go up in class. Once we reach the maximum class of the range in question, we will ascend as there is a limit Master Rank, Which can only be accessed by the best. This will help us to set goals in the game and also to get more rewards at the end of each game.

Even if vision is improved, performance can be improved

Pokemon Unite is a game Very sharp In portable mode and TV, the Nintendo Switch is something we don’t use much of, and less of a working game 60 frames. However, Performance is an aspect that needs to be improved, A first Substantial lag in game menus, Which is very annoying, and The frame rate decreases When there are multiple Pokemon on the screen (in my case, the drop has reached 30-40fps).

However, this often happens when we play Pokemon Unite Small frame at 60 framesThat’s why Nintendo recommends us to play at the age of 30, which can reduce the fluidity of the game to our liking from the Settings section. Despite these specific drops in performance, it should be noted They do not last long so what Do not block the experience, So that’s not something you have to worry about.

The content of the game is even less

In these types of games, it is natural to miss updates on items, cosmetics, rewards and characters, and Pokemon Unite is a Very bad content except for the size of the characters Available, it is very disciplined.

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At the moment, there are no more than two maps in one game mode, with very different game modes from each other. On the other hand, Features Some available in the store, and Not all Pokemon even have skins, Most nothing. Despite this (which is not yet available in Spanish), I do not give much importance to it, because Timmy is expected to add news in the very near future, which will be resolved, however it is a point today to highlight the game.

Each Pokemon is unique

In this analysis, one cannot fail to mention the incredible work of the developer Expansion of Pokemon and their movements, Where you can see that they paid special attention.

Each of them enjoys their happiness Own personality and way of understanding, They have different roles that define the usefulness of each: Attackers, defenders, off-roaders, sprinters and support. Also, open each of the Pokemon Mandatory cash investment is not required Is real. You need to get enough coins to get them, and although this will take you a few games, the game itself makes it a lot easier and gives you some as you progress through the game.

That’s the only harm I can give some Pokemon They need a better balanceAlthough this feature is often fixed in style games, I do not worry much. In the end, if you integrate well with your team, success is almost guaranteed.

You will need new content regularly

Pokemon have a hard time keeping most of their free video games alive and with a good community, however this case may be the exception. Pokemon Unite is a game Awesome ability, Even if the moment is wasted (for obvious reasons, it has come out). If enabled by the developer Updates and events on a regular basis And if prolonged over time, may become Pokemon Unite A game that reaches the rest of its genre.

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With all this in mind, no doubt Very worth trying, Because today it is a large part of the errors it provides (one day after its official launch) They can be safely fixed at any time. May become Pokemon Unit One of the best games As for the Nintendo Switch, as I mentioned above, it all depends on the content you get in the future.

An excellent game of value

In conclusion: Pokemon Unite is an almost round game, It could be if the Pokemon Company squeezes to its full potential. In fact, the final score I gave in this analysis, if I did not present some of the errors mentioned above, would have reached the best level, which does not mean that it is necessary to play some game to enjoy its game Dynamic game All the options it offers a few hours after launch.

Finally, if you are interested, you should check it out Combine all Pokemon messages and content We publish Here.

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