Preparing the classic against the phone ‘U’

Forward Alliance of Lima, Jefferson Furban, Continues to make great strides towards his recovery. When he was believed to be at the end of his career, ‘Jeffrey’ expressed a desire to pursue ‘King Sport’ again.

According to Gustavo Peralta at the BPO Campeonacimo, ‘Foca’ has pleasantly surprised everyone at La Videna because it responds so well to requests for physical work.

“In Videna they said: ‘Not as serious as they thought.’ Forben has the ability to recover. Forben was told how long he was not going to be there … They were surprised again, and when they told him he was already retired he took the tongue out of misery, “said Peralta.

Similarly, Gustavo Peralta expressed confidence that the Peruvian football classic could reach the 2nd round of League 1 against Jefferson Forben Sports University in Allianz Lima.

“Whatever Carlos Pustos wants it to be suitable for the first or second week of August. Forbes’ idea is to be 80% in terms of classic (be) physical and football against the sports university,” he said.

The match between Universitario vs Allianz Lima is set for next August 21st, the 7th leg of the 2nd round of League 1. This is the only classic of what will happen in the 2021 season.

Ricardo Carreca waits with Jefferson Forbes

After taking over Gianluca Lapatula in the Copa America in 2021, ‘Tigre’ could not rank ‘Pampino’ in the match against Uruguay because he was suspended for accumulating yellow cards.

That’s why the reappearance of Forbes falls like a glove. A powerful attacking trident will be retrieved, which was made by close forward, Andre Carrillo and Christian Cueva. The idea is to continue to maintain the system that worked in Brazil.

Similarly, the evolution of Paulo Guerrero is very much the same. Inter de Porto Alegre estimates that ‘Predator’ will begin training with his team next week.

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