Time magazine has named Quito one of the 100 best places in the world by 2021 Ecuador | News

This publication praises the architectural richness of the historic center, the city’s hotels, and the gastronomy.

Valuable American Magazine Time Released a list on July 20th 100 best places in the world in 2021, They include the capital of Ecuador: Quito.

Journalist specializes in travel and gastronomy Like Karen Catch Explains the reasons for turning Quito into a place in the international media Special to view.

This emphasizes that the city is one World Heritage UNESCO announced, that Historical Center It is rich in architecture and design from the 16th to the 18th century.

Beyond this, Catchpole mentions several reasons to visit Quito. He writes about Gingero, a Restaurant And a gastronomic center located in the traditional neighborhood of La Vicentina in the northern center of the city.

Specify Gaza Annabella Boutique Hotel, Which “has a refreshing and remarkable pink color of the late 19th century.” And elegant differs Casa Congotena Hotel Boutique, Plaza de San Francisco.

Ketchup also thinks Quito As “a great starting point to explore all sorts Natural wonders, Including Volcanoes”.

Minister of Tourism, Niels Olsen, Celebrated the launch highlighting the Ecuadorian capital, in August, with Ministry of Government And the National Police, The Tourism Police In many cities, including Quito.

List of best places in the world

  1. Accra, Ghana
  2. Antarctica
  3. Aroca, Portugal
  4. Athens
  5. Bangkok
  6. Bath, United Kingdom
  7. Beijing
  8. Belize
  9. Isla Bengura, Mozambique
  10. Sedan
  11. Big Sky, Montana
  12. Potrum, turkey
  13. Cossares, Spain
  14. Cairo
  15. Cannes, France
  16. Simanimani National Park, Mozambique
  17. Christchurch, New Zealand
  18. Coimbatore, Portugal
  19. Costa Rica
  20. Denver
  21. Desaru Beach, Malaysia
  22. Dubai
  23. Edinburgh
  24. Faroe Islands, Denmark
  25. Gold Coast, Australia
  26. Gothenburg, Sweden
  27. Design District, Landress
  28. Granada
  29. Gyeongju, South Korea
  30. Hanoi
  31. Helsinki
  32. Ho Chi Minh City
  33. Hokkaido, Japan
  34. Houston
  35. Hudson Valley, New York
  36. Indianapolis
  37. Island of Hawaii
  38. Jaipur, India
  39. Jasper, Alberta
  40. Jose Ignacio, Uruguay
  41. Kao Yai National Park, Thailand
  42. Kruger National Park, South Africa
  43. KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  44. La Paz, Mexico
  45. Logo Kovskol, Mongolia
  46. Kivu Lake, Rwanda
  47. Las Vegas
  48. Lijiang, China
  49. Lubljana, Slovenia
  50. Lower Valley, France
  51. Angels
  52. Madrid
  53. Maldives
  54. Maraoke, Morocco
  55. Memphis
  56. Mendoza Argentina
  57. Napa Valley, California
  58. Negev Desert, Israel
  59. New Orleans
  60. New River George National Park and Conservation, West Virginia
  61. New York
  62. North Goa, India
  63. Northland, New Zealand
  64. Nook, Greenland
  65. Odense, Denmark
  66. Okavango Delta, Botswana
  67. Orlando
  68. Osaka, Japan
  69. Oslo
  70. Paris
  71. Patagonia National Park, Chile
  72. Philadelphia
  73. Fu Kwok, Vietnam
  74. Puerto Escondido, Mexico
  75. Quito, Ecuador
  76. Reykjavik, Iceland
  77. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  78. Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  79. Sao Vicente, Cape Verde
  80. Sarasota, Florida
  81. Savannah, Georgia
  82. In Seattle
  83. Sierra Cove, Philippines
  84. Sicily Italy
  85. Seam Harvest, Cambodia
  86. Singapore
  87. Southern Carpathian Mountains, Romania
  88. San Louis
  89. Sydney
  90. Taipei
  91. Tolkien, Alaska
  92. Tallinn, Estonia
  93. Such
  94. Tuscany, Italy
  95. Salar de Uni, Bolivia
  96. Venice Italy
  97. Virgin Corda, British Virgin Islands
  98. Wadi Dana, Jordan
  99. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  100. Zurich
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