Actor Carlos Mazzola: “It’s very difficult” after complaints of hunger in Cuba

Cuban actor Carlos Mazzola analyzed the economic situation facing people on the island this Wednesday and concluded, “It’s very difficult.”

“You go out and buy stupid things, you don’t have less than 3,000 pesos, you see empty businesses because people don’t have money, the food situation in this country is very bad. People are migrating, it’s not even there. It’s politics, it’s because of hunger,” he assured during an interview on the show. Maha’s house.

When asked about workers who have not been paid for months or queued for hours at ATMs to withdraw money, he said that was not the case for him and that his colleagues had been waiting for six months without getting paid. They are jobs that pay 20 thousand or 30 thousand pesos.

He said that it was unfortunate that the Cuban fields were empty without people to work them, but because of poor food and low wages there was no labor force for agriculture.

On the other hand, he pointed out that old people on the streets of the country sell old things to eat for the day. The same old people wait for hours in front of an ATM to get their checkbook because they don’t accept card payments in most of the country’s food-buying markets, the actor explained.

Mazola said recently He removed the refrigerator from his house He regretted that he had no food, just three potatoes, the only thing he could give his 83-year-old mother, who was older than him.

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Dozens of Cubans showed their support for the actor and confirmed that they were in the same situation.

“You figure, tell me what ordinary Cubans are like,” said the Bayamo resident.

“All of us Cubans are like this,” said the Holguin resident.

“It’s very sad. And if you have anything, it’s because your family from abroad begs you. It’s a shame,” insisted an elderly woman.

“Shameful for an artiste of his caliber to be in that position. I admire him for his bravery as a person and as an artiste. Congratulations,” wrote one netizen.

Mazola’s relatives and colleagues also spoke out and criticized the severe food shortages the country is facing.

One of them is actor Erdwin Fernandez, who lives in Miami and has been Carlos’ best friend since they were both very young.

“Carlos Mazzola is one of the few actors and friends in Cuba who has good timbales here in Miami (3 or 4, no more),” he asserted.

Actress Yaima Morfa hugged him and sent him strength. “We’re having a really ugly time,” he added.

For her part, Miami-based actress Zelma Morales was embarrassed by her colleague’s plight. “Many are as silent as you,” he lamented.

Another relative of the actor, Bertha Mariela Sablon Roque, said that he works almost 20 hours a day and his refrigerator is like this. “Or rather, worse. Because the door is falling. How long to continue in this situation,” he questioned.

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