Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa reunite on Halloween!

Fans Adamari Lopez And Tony Costa There was a reason for the joy when I saw the parents on Sunday அலையா, This time On the occasion of Halloween, When they happen Deception or subversion On a fun day, the TV couple’s daughter picked up sweets with her friends.

The Spanish dancer, combining the costume with her little princess dress, appeared more serious and casual than usual, and by tradition, people came flooding in from house to house marching in this typical North American banquet.

Ada shared the moment in his stories with full naturalness as the journalist re-recorded how he went with his daughter and his ex on Sunday afternoon. Mandy Friedman With the title: “Family first. Alaya’s parents”.

IG Tony Costa

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Tony did not hesitate to share the news of the journalist, perhaps encouraging the inevitable rumors that the couple has the potential to give themselves a new chance at love.

IG Adamari Lopez

IG Adamari Lopez

An important weekend Adamari Lopez, Who celebrated on her account Instagram already has over 6 million followers. The figure of the actress and the hostess in the panorama reaffirms that she is gaining even more weight Influencers, When descending the scale with a new image of a heart attack.

IG Adamari Lopez

Family fans Costa-Lopez They continue to dream of the reconciliation of Alayya’s parents, Something that has never happened and has not happened. But, as they say, dreaming is free and followers of this couple will undoubtedly enjoy this new look together, which ensures the good feeling that they set aside their differences for their daughter. Bravo!

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