The 10 Most Mispronounced Foods Googled by Spanish Speakers

Quinoa, macarons, and fondue, or how are they called? You may have heard of these things by now. food Ever, but do you know how it is pronounced? If not, we welcome you to the club.

According to a new study conducted by bripleyMany Spanish speakers have trouble pronouncing foods that are world-famous correctly. A team of language experts wanted to get to the heart of the matter and see which international products Spanish speakers get wrong most often. To do this, more than 70 international foods were examined to see how often their pronunciations were searched on Google.

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In addition, the study looks at more than 25 common foods of Spanish origin to determine which ones are the most difficult to pronounce globally.

The 10 foods that Spanish speakers tend to mispronounce most often

According to a Preply study, these are the 10 foods that Spanish speakers tend to pronounce incorrectly most often.

classification food Total annual search volume
1 Pizza 34,800
2 croissant 5760
3 fondue


4 quinoa 1320
5 macaroon 1080
6 Sriracha

7 ciabatta



com. chipotle

8 acai




Kish Lorraine


9 Cordon Blu 360
10 tempura 240

The Preply study reveals that, against all odds, “pizza” is the name of the food that Spanish speakers mispronounce the most. Although this Italian dish is highly appreciated in the countries of the world, this did not prevent confusion about its correct pronunciation. The annual volume of searches for its correct pronunciation by Spanish speakers is 34,800.

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‘Croissant’ comes in second, with 5,760 inquiries a year about the pronunciation of this French breakfast staple. Fondue and sushi are in third place, with an average of 1,680 searches per year.

Other foods that Spanish speakers often mispronounce are cordon bleu (360 searches per year), chipotle (600 searches per year) and bruschetta (480 searches per year).

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