Abel Martinez on migration: “This country must be respected”

Santiago’s Mayor Abel Martinez said this Sunday that “this country should be respected” based on the influx of foreigners.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, Martinez expresses in an enthusiastic tone that immigration control must be established, Which should be considered without being affected by international organizations.

“The government, in the midst of this irresponsibility, is saying what it says is going to build a wall on the border, but build a wall to let one and a half million illegal immigrants inside?” Said a member of the party. Dominican Liberation (PLD) Political Committee at a meeting.

Similarly, Martinez suggested deporting those who were in the country illegally and then building the wall.

“The first requirement is to know where the resources are coming from to build a wall with Haiti, and the deportation (with practice established in Migration Act 285-04) is the country of more than one million illegal Haitians among us. Territory”, Martinez tweeted.

On February 27, Republican President Louis Abinader announced that he would begin construction of a double perimeter fence on the dividing line between the Dominican Republic and Haiti in mid-2021, including technical security equipment.

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