Lucdosa – The remains of Hugo Cabrera are already in the country

The remains of former basketball player and Dominican player Hugo Cabrera (El Inmenso), who died of pancreatic cancer, were transferred to the country by the Jose Francisco Pena Gomez terminal in Los America this Sunday.

The body of Cabrera, who died in the United States, was flown on a Delta Airlines Flight P-737 from New York to the country via the Gorega terminal at Los America International Airport.

According to the report, the immortal remains of the Dominican basketball will be buried in the Flandino final home in the capital.

Hugo Cabrera was not only a great basketball player but also an extraordinary man. As soon as he leaves he leaves a void in the souls of his friends and admirers.

Cabrera was a key figure in Dominican basketball. He played for the clubs of San Lazaro, Naco and Las Mina. His greatest accomplishments occurred with the national team at Centropasket 75 and 77. He has acted as a reinforcement in tournaments in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Spain.

At one time he was considered the best Latin basketball player, and after his college career he had many privileges to enter the NBA.

He also acted as a reinforcement for the tournament in Brazil, Spain. Venezuela and Argentina. Similarly, the National District Basketball Association (Abadina) mourned Cabrera’s death.

The former Dominican basketball player was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 67 in January 2020.

For many who consider him the most important national basketball player, he was selected by Milwaukee Bucks in 1976 in the NBA Draft with the tenth round, but failed to play with the team. He later received offers for the NBA in the Army with the New York Knicks and the Atlanta Hawks, but never participated in the American League.

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The national team won the gold medal in the 1977 Centropasket, which won the first title in the Dominican Republic, where he was part of a team attended by Francie Brads, Ivan Mises, Vinicio Munoz and others.

In 1978, he was voted the Most Valuable Player of the Central American and Caribbean Games in Medellin, where the Dominican team finished third.

Last year he made public his cancer status and received support from various state organizations to complete his treatment in the United States.

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