Back to unity! Loving member of “Hoi” would have reached “thunder” with his emotional partner | Important

MEXICO CITY.- Dozens of women will rejoice at the news that one of Mexico’s most beloved television providers has returned to unity because this way they will have the best chance to win hearts.

Who have been in mourning since last week Ral “El Negro Araysa, As revealed Alex Coffee In his article, Sin Lisanza vows to end his relationship with the sympathetic host psychologist “Hi” Maria Amelia Aguilar.

Everything seemed to be alright when the couple decided to put “here” for their wedding, however the collaborator on the morning of Televisa, Coffee, said that “El Negrito” would beg them to come back.

The “perfect” relationship between Raul Araiza and Maria Amelia Aguilar has come to an end. Yes, the friendship between the ‘Hoi’ presenter and the one mentioned above is over. The thunder happened last week and although I know the reasons for it, he left the task of making it known to him and her to the public. By the way, Maria Amelia Aguilar Rule is convinced that she has reached “too hot” because she thought to many of her friends that it did not take long for Raul Aryza to get back on her knees., Written coffee.

The news took everyone by surprise as the actor from the movie “La Desalmada” wasted honey on social networks and spoke proudly about his stable friendship with a psychologist.

Their first anniversary

On February 28th, Araiza released a picture of the two and dedicated an emotional message to him on Instagram, which had more than 1.5 million followers who were very happy to see the pair.

“So, we’re coming to that year, happy with adventures … laughs … and complicit … but above all … thank you, love mariaameliaaguilar”He wrote on the topic.

Raouza and Aguilar’s relationship began after the broadcast of the “Hoi” show on October 19, 2019, when Raul publicly announced that he had been separated from his wife, Fernanda Rodriguez, for more than two decades.

Raoul and Fernanda had been married for 24 years, during which time their daughters, Camila and Roberta, bred, and they had no choice but to support their parents in this endeavor.

In this note

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