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A young woman will remember the rest of her days what happened to her when she tried to record a video To crown your journey to Machu Picchu. Unfortunately for him, the guards at the Inca castle in Cusco, Peru, did not allow it. The intriguing scene went viral on the aforementioned platform, amassing more than a million breeds and additionally being shared on thousands of comments, reactions and other social networks.

The scene begins against the backdrop of the majesty of the wonder of the world as the woman, identified as Ruth Marruffo in Dictoc, begins to dance to Colombian singer Camilo’s song ‘Machu Picchu’; However, before the record could be completed, a worker from the sanctuary interrupted her and told her that “creating dictatorial videos” was prohibited.

“I am just happy to be free. They are all right until they tell me that Dictox is banned. Why? “The young woman wrote. Some internet users think he did nothing wrong, the post went viral and created a discussion on the social network, while others say the archeological site has no place to dance.

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“But I do not understand the need to book a dictation in front of one of the wonders of the world, enjoy the journey better”Said one user. In response, Ruth released another video showing different parts of Machu Picchu. “Because I like it, I want to share it”He wrote in the description.

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Reply @ sandraqh1 Why I like it and want to share ## Machu Picchu ## Peru

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