Bad Bunny is again criticized for his attitude towards a fan

Although there are various appearances of that Poor rabbit He has done in important events, as well as his relationship with Kendall Jenner and even his premiere song with Grupo Frontera brought the singer back to public taste, but no one has yet forgotten the issues he was involved in. Because of his attitude towards some fans.

Let’s remember that at the beginning of this 2023, Benito (his real name) was canceled due to leaked videos on social networks. He took the cell phone from his followers After they tried to take a photo with him. The first of these entries caused the most controversy because, After taking off a woman’s phone, she threw it into the sea And they said they disrespected him.

The criticism he received meant that the Puerto Rican had to restrict public access to his social networks, and he promised not to share any kind of content again, and warned them to miss him.

No matter how hard it was for him to shake off the “super”, “rude” and “ungrateful” labels that users had heaped on him, the translator of “Neverida” is once again in the midst of a similar controversy. The situation is , given He has been accused of being rude to a woman with a tattoo on his face, and this time he has been accused of being rude to his fans..

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A clip called “Bad Rabbit” started circulating on TikTok, where he can be seen walking the streets of New York. A young woman tries to get the artist’s attention to sign a tattoo on his face. “Benito, I tattooed your face,” he is heard saying several times.

Faced with such insistence, he managed to get him to return, but only for a moment, because despite his request to autograph the picture, He decided to ignore her and continue on his way.

As expected, it didn’t take long for reactions to emerge, many of them criticizing him for his lack of humility. “That’s why you don’t have to idealize artists”, “Whoever feeds you should be respected no matter how long”, “Humble”, “Poor girl, I would have been, I’d ruin it” , “Humble as ever”, “That guy thinks he’s a god”, ” Too much”, “How arrogant”, “But why are they giving him fame?”, are some of the comments that can be read.

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