GETAFE / Más Madrid is committed to transforming urban space and moving towards “green” urbanism

Más Madrid-Compromiso Candidate of Getafe for the post of Mayor of the 28-M, jesus perez, He proposed a change in the “urban space” of the city to move towards a “green urbanism” Proximity and designed for meeting people.

This is reflected in the electoral program of the formation committed to improving public transport or creating a network of bicycle lanes separated from traffic, in addition to devising an increase in public transport. Public housing garden across the Real estate rehabilitation To stop the abandonment of the old neighborhoods.

of the city and its inhabitants

In the urban environment, the training proposes to prioritize the health of the population, avoiding exposure to harmful factors. For this reason, Mas Madrid’s commitment to Getafe suggests measures Radically remove asbestos from Getafe and that the townspeople do not get sick and die from the fibrous cement which is still very much present in roofs, drainpipes, and coatings of all kinds whether in homes, in industries, or in public buildings such as schools.

Mas Madrid candidate to Getafe, Jesus Perez.

It also includes measures to control air pollution in a municipality that is surrounded by roads and has a lot of traffic that generates “a lot of gases harmful to health every day”.

Thus, Perez presented “a creative way to promote it, to make plans Specific neighborhoods that provide job opportunities and boost economic activity and implement such measures Public telecommuting centers And for digital businesses in every neighborhood.

“If you suddenly had a workplace in the center of La Alhóndiga with 200 workers, from different companies, you would have neighbors from the neighborhood who they will consume in local stores, That they will go to breakfast in pubs in the area, and that they will be able to bring their sons and daughters to school on a walking route,” he explains.

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