A small gadget where thieves can track and steal your car

Apple AirTake. Photo: Getty Images

On April 30th, Apple introduced the AirTags, a small device that enables people to locate frequently lost items such as keys. However, criminals have already discovered another application: tracking and stealing cars.

These little gadgets worth $ 35 in Mexico can fetch up to $ 699 pesos, work with Apple computers with the U1 chip, is included in the iPhone 11, and can be pasted into any important object. Or from the value, they can be easily found because they are integrated with my Find My application.

According to a report by Canadian police, this excellent function is now being used to steal. In it, they identified several cases in the York area in Ontario where criminals accessed air tags in cars parked in shopping centers or public parking lots.

Photos: York Regional Police

Photos: York Regional Police

Authorities warned people to check their vehicles frequently because once thieves find them, they approach them at night and with the help of screwdrivers they open the doors and enter, then retrieve the factory settings and program it. Run with the key they carry, it will be easily stolen.

The Toronto CTV News Portal reports that the York Regional Police reported that 2,000 car thefts took place in the area last year, and that the new movement could increase the figures.

Among the recommendations given by the authorities: Check the functionality of the iPhone, it warns of the presence of an air tag nearby, and motorists check their cars in areas such as bumpers, fenders and tires. Likewise, they get a security lock for the car’s computer.

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