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Deportivo scored a new victory over the Galle Nationals, this time 1-2 in Medellin, with 10 points after the fourth day, coming out as the final match for the quarterfinals of the Bedplay II-2021 League, which eliminated the Purslane cast. Pereira, with its already Junior 6 units, can only deny the allotment.

This is precisely the Barranquilla team’s next match at the Palmaseca in Verdiblancos next Saturday, where a draw led by Rafael Dudamel will characterize the title controversy.

The negative news of this game is that midfielder Johan Valencia got yellow in 50 minutes and finished fifth, so he will not be against the junior.

For FUTBOLRED, the tricks of the ‘Sugar Manufacturers’ match against Purslane team at Adanasio Girard are:

He knocked down the National with a simple tactic: Rafael Dudamel showed his best experience on coach Alejandro Restrepo and gathered an organized team in the middle, took the ball from the nationals, put fast players on the wings and arranged interesting team plays to use him.

It’s no secret that with weak defense and the younger generation, the Nationals have not had a good time. From there Kali created a clear match and in 24 minutes he had already scored two goals against a chaotic rival.

He always thought to attack: From the very beginning of the commitment, the initiative has always been from the visiting team. In the 2nd minute, Angelo Rodriguez did not finish a center of Jon Vazquez’s, he wanted to play luxuriously with a mark, if he touched it he could have scored the first goal from Vertiblanco, so claim Teófilo Gutierrez.

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Herald Presiado headed in a corner kick in the 7th minute to make it 0-1. In an earlier action against Jonathan Marulanda they demanded the absence of Presiado, but the goal was verified. In the second half another new team moved to the left in 2 and could not be defined by Angelo.

In the 22nd minute, after a brilliant joint from Galle, Juan Camilo Anglo entered the area and was fouled by Danovis Banguro for a penalty, which Harold Presiado charged 0-2 at the right post at 24.

Presiado, key scorer: The youth team returned from China, and after a slump against all, he returned in his best form on home runs to score important goals like a double this holiday Wednesday in Medellin.

The spine column that supports the nest: The Valle del Cauca team’s good campaign has received high scores from players like goalkeeper Guillermo De Amores; Its centers, Hernான்n Menos and George Marcிக்lia; Departure of its pages, Juan Camilo Angulo and Kevin Velasco; Control of Jojan Valencia and Andres Balanda; Teófilo Gutiérrez’s insight and experience and Harold Preciado’s performance.

He knows how to handle Purslane in the second half. With a two-goal advantage, Galli slowed down a bit, but the Nationals used it to encourage dangerous mistakes and free kicks in the Guillermo de Amores area.

Jசன்rgen Candello took advantage of the moment, and no one came back after a corner kick for 42 and adjusted the score and reached the discount. Dorlan Babon was also close to leveling early in the second half, but Rearcard performed well.

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However, the audience responded. Kevin Velasco finished on the left and Quintana took the ball on a corner kick for 13 runs. Andres Balanda finished with 20 runs and Quintana saved the national again with a corner kick.

Jorge Marceglia also tried Chile at the age of 22 and Quintana stopped again.

Dutamel filling period includes five nominal types: Andres entered for Colorado Angelo at 7 p.m. Jose Caldera 29 for Argentina’s Franco Torres and Andres Palanda for John Vasquez. Then Juan Jose Dello 38 for Presiado, with whom he knows how to control the host’s intentions.

Guillermo de Amors decisive: The Valle del Cauca became another member of the team as the Uruguayan goalkeeper surpassed the national goals.

The save was saved after a diagonal run in the 30th over, with the ship hitting the head, the ball hitting the crossbar and avoiding a draw for the Nationals. At 43 he also took a shot from Andres Andrade

At the end of the first round of home runs, Vertiplankos added 7 points, 5 points more than their competitor on duty, so if Antioquinos fails, there is no other way to go two rounds.

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